Terry Hayward – 1877 – 1953

Mr Charles Terry Hayward was a teacher at Mullalyup State School when he transferred in 1911 to Dardanup State school aged 28, along with his wife Geraldine. Geraldine Hayward was appointed sewing mistress at the State School. The Haywards lived in the school house next to the school with their only daughter, Daphne.

In 1913 Terry Hayward also became Secretary of the Dardanup Roads Board. In 1928 he resigned as teacher and moved to their house in Hayward Street. A small room was built onto the side of the house which was the Roads Board offices. Terry Hayward worked there as Secretary of the Dardanup Roads Board until the new offices were built and officially opened by him on April 20, 1950.

Terry Hayward resigned in 1951 after 38 years of service. Terry and Geraldine lived in the house in Hayward St until their deaths in 1953. The house was demolished in 1971.

The Hayward’s home in Dardanup. A room on the side of the house served as the Dardanup Roads Board Office from 1928 until 1950. The house was demolished in 1971.

It was fairly common knowledge amongst the oId residents that the first cement cricket pitch built in Dardanup was laid in the early 1900’s and was on the Hayward block. It was still visible 1n 1976.


Brett, Kay & Terry; Story of Terry and Geraldine Hayward. Date of publication unknown.

Photo source:

Photos of Terry Hayward and the Hayward home were provided by Kaye and Terry Brett.