Stories of People

For thousands of years Nyoongar people lived in and travelled through this area using Songlines; memorising and passing on information about landscape, walking routes and locations through storytelling. 


Nyoongars moved between locations in line with six seasons: Birak, Bunnuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba and Kambarang.  The land provided many safe havens for them to camp, hunt and gather the bush foods that exist within the area.  As they travelled, they cared for the land. 

Rivers and streams were and still are seen as a source of life, providing food, water, and medicines.  Waterways were the source of spiritual connections and the inspiration for cultural activities.


The land is important to us all, not only for the ancestors, but for current and future generations.


Ngalang Boodja

The Wilman, Kaneang and Wadandi Elders
Traditional Owners